Push yourself again and again

"When it gets down to it, basketball is basketball." Larry Bird.

Our story

We started as a group of 5 & 6 year old kids. We played in the local rec league, we started off slow as we were all new to the game, slowly but surely we began to absolutely dominate the competition. Man did we think we were good! We decided to step up and form a competitive team.

The summer of 2015 we rounded up 6 kids that wanted to play competitive "real basketball". We were young and had very basic basketball skills, plus we were coming from a rec league where all the kids were slow and the rules were adapted to make it easy.

Our first game we looked on the other side and those kids looked small. "This should be pretty easy" I heard the boys talking during pre-game drills. I laughed inside because I knew what they were in for. Although the other team was small, they were feisty, aggressive, "mean" little kids that fought hard for the ball.

We lost that game by a couple of points, but it was a great life lesson for the group. You don't want to make things easy on yourself, it only hurts you later in life. We did not have a gym back then, we met at local parks or used open gyms we could find. Slowly, but surely we began to put the work in. We worked on being aggressive, we worked on scoring, we worked on defense.

Stadium Bound

We were playing competition that was pretty evenly matched to ourselves but there was one team we just could not beat. We lost to that team twice before and we faced them again for the championship game. We showed up ready for battle - unlike any game we had played before, there was something big on the line - The winner got to play at the Suns stadium! We played tough, we played smart - we had a battle for 40 minutes and at the end we won by just 1 point.

A Lasting Memory

We set out to create a place to belong. A place that we can focus on basketball skills, but more importantly life skills. The Growth I saw in those 6 boys for that first season was absolutely amazing. We have been to the stadium many times since then, but nothing compares to that first one.


Our First Team - back in the day

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Work Hard ... Play Harder

We believe in teamwork!
We focus on teamwork, working as a group to dominate. We challenge to reach full potential.

This is when you outgrow the rec leagues, when your ready for your child to be part of a winning team that works together.

We believe in competition
We rise to challenge, we want to be the best, play against the best and get better each day.

We believe in being the best

We strive to be our best, period! We show up ready to play, ready to dominate. Win or loose we do our best and we do not give up.

We believe in pushing ourselves
You are only as good as your conditioning. Your athlete can't dominate if he is tired, we work on conditioning and learning the game.

We teach your kids the world does not revolve around them.
This is as good of lesson as any - we work as a team - we win as a team.

Is our program for you?
We teach hard work, teamwork and discipline. If those are the characteristics you want in your child then we are for you.

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