Push yourself again and again

"When it gets down to it, basketball is basketball." Larry Bird.

We challenge young athletes to be the best!

When we were young we played on the streets, outside, where ever we wanted. Boy have times have changed. Today you have to pay to find safe places for your child to play and I suppose that's why the rise of AAU and club teams has increased in this generation. Unfortunately, some of these teams really have not focused on the children and that is where we are different. We focus on younger kids 7-11 in age. We want to build hard work, teamwork and teach them how to dominate.

Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team Work Hard ... Play Harder

We believe in teamwork!
We focus on teamwork, working as a group to dominate. We challenge to reach full potential.

This is when you outgrow the rec leagues, when your ready for your child to be part of a winning team that works together.

We believe in competition
We rise to challenge, we want to be the best, play against the best and get better each day.

We believe in being the best

We strive to be our best, period! We show up ready to play, ready to dominate. Win or loose we do our best and we do not give up.

We believe in pushing ourselves
You are only as good as your conditioning. Your athlete can't dominate if he is tired, we work on conditioning and learning the game.

We teach your kids the world does not revolve around them.
This is as good of lesson as any - we work as a team - we win as a team.

Is our program for you?
We teach hard work, teamwork and discipline. If those are the characteristics you want in your child then we are for you.

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