Youth Basketball Program

Our Youth Program is a year around basketball program that plays in all levels of play. We are a certified non-profit organization and rely on donations/dues to keep the program running.

Team Practice & Training

Your child(ren) will be placed on a team and will have a team practice(s) during the week and a game(s) on the weekend.

Our program is designed for kids who love basketball and are ready to put in the hard work.

We will meet with you to evualate your child before placing them on a team.

Developmental Program

Team Practice Each Week
Game Each Weekend

    Develop Skills
  • Learn Skills
  • Teach Hard Work
  • Fundamentals
  • Focus on Hard Work
  • Build Skills
  • Full Court Press,
    Zone, Competitive Style Rules.
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Club Basketball2nd/3rd/4th 5th/6th Grade

Club Level BasketBall

    2nd/3rd/4th - Accepting

    5th/6th - Accepting

  • Weekly Team Practices
  • Advanced Coaching
  • Tournaments
  • For Advanced Players
  • Competitive Basketball Rules
  • Advanced Offense, Defense, Shooting And Much More
  • AAU Membership
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Skill Training
All Players

    Weekly Skill Sessions
  • Hour Training Sessions
  • Fundamentals
  • Shooting
  • Court Awareness
  • Advanced Skill Training



Frequent Questions

  • Where are games played?

    Games are played against other teams in the valley.

  • What is Competitive

    Competitive Program is a competitive basketball program. The main difference is unlike rec league full NBA style rules apply.

  • Can my child play up?

    Yes, if your child has advanced skills/size they are able to play up.